About Me

Testimony of Salvation My parents had accepted Christ as Savior before they were married. They raised me in a godly environment. We were in church every Sunday, they taught me Bible songs, they had me memorizing Bible verses almost as soon as I could talk. As I learned Bible stories I intellectually knew that Jesus had died on the cross to pay for the sin of all mankind. It was not until I was 7 that I realized that I needed to accept His free gift of salvation. I accepted his gift on Easter Sunday 1988.

Growth and Call I followed Jesus’ example of Baptism in February of 1991. I have daily sought to grow closer to Him. In Junior High at Awana Scholarship Camp, I committed to be willing to do whatever God wanted for my life. I have always been interested in missions. I have loved meeting the many missionaries that have visited our church. We used to always go early on nights that they were coming and help them set up their displays. In the summer of 1994 the Tuttle family came to visit. They were serving the Lord in southern Perú. That night while Andy was preaching the Holy Spirit prompted me to go. It was not an audible voice speaking to me, it was louder than that. It was a confident assurance of what God wanted me to do.

Preparation and Education
Starting in 1995 I began studying Spanish at my Christian High School. God has given me a heart for the Latino peoples and I wanted to get as far ahead as I could on language work. I was able to memorize and study God’s Word in the Awana program, completing my Citation Award in 1999. In 2003 I finished a Missions degree at Pensacola Christian College. I minored in Elementary Education and Spanish. Over the next two summers I completed a Master’s Degree in English Education. I have had the amazing blessing of Christian education from Kindergarten through Master’s Degree. For two years I took classes in Sign Language at the Campus Church, allowing me to grasp the basics of sign interpretation and deaf culture.  I attended 4 months (testing into second semester) of Spanish language school in South Texas during 2008 before going to Perú.