Pat & Wendy Campbell

We have always had a love for missions as we worked our secular jobs and served in the local church. Wendy was an activities director at a nursing home, and I was a science teacher and coach, both for 34 years before God redirected our lives.  The Lord led us to the Cuzco team through the ministries of Tim and Barb Whatley. Pat had wanted to teach in a missionary environment and talked to his pastor about doing so. The pastor contacted various missionaries and Tim’s call asking Pat to teach at SEBIC during the summer of 2001 started 20 years of teaching in Peru. This opportunity encouraged him to return to school where Pat received his masters from Faith Baptist Seminary in 2007. Then in 2009 they both retired from their secular jobs and joined Baptist Mid-Missions and became a part of the Cuzco Team. The reminder is that God calls all different ages to the mission field, from the young couple just starting their life of service together for the Lord to retired baby boomers eager to use their talents that God has blessed them with.

Our ministry has been to teach and encourage the students at SEBIC. Pat has taught the Bible books of Acts, Daniel, and Revelation since 2009 along with Baptist Church History and Distinctives. He has also taught Biology I and Biology II for many years. Wendy has taught Visuals and Pedagogy for many years.

We would like to remind our baby boomer generation that God has blessed them with many years of using their talents in their field of choice. They should keep their hearts open to serving God with those talents that have been honed for many years. God calls the young and old so listen to that still small voice that may be calling you to missions.