Tim & Barb Whatley
Arin, Perú

March 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

BMM Ministry Team Meetings in Lima:
Toward the end of February we all traveled to Lima for annual Baptist Mid-Missions Ministry Team meetings. Barb and the girls went by plane along with the Maddux family and Rachel Tarvin. Lois Hutchinson, also flew. Tim, César and Caleb drove, along with Caleb Reising, the ARRIBA student who has been helping us since November. The trip was uneventful and our time in Lima was refreshing. We were able to conduct business in a Godly spirit as well as receive spiritual encouragement, as the President of Baptist Mid-Missions, Dr. Gary Anderson opened the Word to us. The fellowship, as always, was great! The Rojas family was not able to go to Lima as Beth was due to have their third child at any time. Little Jordan Levi joined their family while we were gone.

After the meetings in Lima were over, Barb flew up to Trujillo where she had the privilege of speaking to a group of over 70 ladies on the theme of "The Heart of a Servant". Several ladies made decisions and some kept Barb up late at night with questions and counseling needs. Praise the Lord for traveling mercies for her. While she was there, the children and Tim stayed in Lima with Tim's sister Becky. They enjoyed several outings, including one day to the Zoo.

Big Wedding in Arín
After returning from Lima, we had our first wedding in our new building in Arín. Efraín Pari and Alicia Pineda were married on March 5th. We were able to squeeze over 200 people into our building, including many unsaved family members from both families as well as neighbors who were able to hear the Gospel preached for the first time. Many months of planning went into the wedding and many people were involved in the decorations, cooking, etc. A full meal was served afterward. Caleb Reising, our ARRIBA student headed up the decorating committee and did an excellent job. Several neighbors commented afterward that they had never seen anything like it. Some of them have visited our services since then. Efraín is our new Youth Pastor and his Alicia will make an excellent Pastor's wife.

Efraín and Alicia
The wedding was a great opportunity to not only join this young couple in marriage, but to be a witness to family and neighbors as well.

The Happy Couple
For some unexplainable reason, they just couldn't stop smiling.

Caleb Reising and Efraín
We are so thankful for Caleb's ministry among us since November. He has been such an encouragement to our church family and especially to Efraín. Caleb will be leaving on March 31 and we will miss him very much. Please pray with us that God would lead him in His perfect will for his life as he returns to Faith Baptist Bible College to finish his training for Missionary service.

Flood Update:
The rains have slowed down quite a bit, though we could still get some heavy rains for the next month or so. The village of Taray, near Pisaac, about 25 kilometers upriver from us was hit by a mudslide in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago. Several people were killed. The Quechua village of Tucsán was also hit by mudslides and the entire village was moved out of the mountains down to the road where they are living in government provided tents. Last week we had the opportunity to visit these people in their tent village and share the gospel. Tomorrow Tim and some folks from the church will return and try to have another meeting with them. Please pray that as the rains slow down and the people begin to rebuild, we will have more opportunities to minister the Gospel of Christ to them. Many contacts have been made with the flood victims and one lady has made a decision for Christ as a result of these efforts and is attending the Calca church up the road from us where Pastor Ruben Quispe is the Pastor.

Thank you so much to those who have sent funds for the flood relief efforts. May God greatly bless you!

Arín Church Family of the Month
With each of these updates, we want to share a picture of one of our church families so that you can bring them before the throne of Grace. This is Saúl Bejarano and his wife Pilar. Their little girl's name is Jasmín. As you can see, Pilar is expecting their second child. Saúl is a Mining Engineer who was saved several years ago when he was a University student. His mother María heard us on the radio and encouraged Saúl and his girlfriend Pilar to go to church with her. Several months later they both accepted Christ as Savior and were baptized. They have been faithful members of the Arín church ever since. After finishing his engineering degree, Saúl and Pilar studied at out Bible School in Urubamba for 2 years. At that time he received a call to work for a Mine several hours south of Cuzco. He felt he had to accept the job or he would loose his degree. He has remained faithful to the Lord and still has a desire to serve Him. Please pray God would make His call in Saúl's life clear if that is His plan. His job at the mine keeps him away from his family quite a bit. Pilar has a University degree in Tourism.

Tim & Barbara Whatley and Family

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