The Team Serving with
BMM - Cusco
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Currently On The Field
Ken & Sharon Loveall
Bruce & Debbie Maddux
Samuel & Beth Rojas
Rachel Tarvin
     Eric & Casandra Pardine
 Missionaries with Global Faith Mission Agency serving with the Cusco Station, Urubmaba
Still raising support

On Furlough  Language School in Lima  
 Tim & Barb Whatley
Pat & Wendy Campbell
Aaron & Stephenie Cochrell
Cusco Region

On Deputation 
These missionaries are currently visiting churches to present their vision for the ministry on the mission field of Per˙.  Please contact them if your group or church would like to meet with them.  If you would like to support any one of them finanacially, contact them for instructions.
Joy Akkermann
on deputation for the
Jungles of Per˙
Bob & Becky Bass
on deputation for the jungle
Lydia Whitelam
Click on the photos above for their individual web sites.

Retired Missionaries who have
served with this team.

 Lois Hutchinson  
Lois Hutchinson  Bob & Betty Whatley

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